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Types of Parenting – Know your Parenting style

Types of Parenting – Know your Parenting style

Every single parent has a unique way of bringing up their children. It is purely based on their personality. However, there are some types of parenting styles in which the majority of the parents fall into. Therefore, To understand the types of parenting and know your parenting style, let us get started.

1. Authoritarian Parenting:

This parenting style is when the parent is aggressive towards the children. If you do not stand supportive while your kid does some mistake, you definitely are an authoritarian parent. This style often does not rises children in a good, expected way.

Authoritarian parents believe in giving punishments to their children with the intention of “disciplining” them. do not hear their child’s opinion or choices. Instead, they strongly believe in their own principles and be adamant about them.

2. Permissive Parenting:

If you are more like a friend to your children than a parent, then you definitely are a permissive parent. This style of parents, make rules. When those rules are not followed/broken by their kids, they do not make them face harsh consequences. In some cases, they hardly face any punishment at all.

This is mainly because of their over-friendly nature. Though being a friend to the kids is a good thing, not discouraging the bad habits overshadows the good. The kids mostly suffer from obesity, ill-manners and they also perform poorly in academics.

3. Uninvolved Parenting:

The style of parenting that gives way too much space in their children’s life without parents. Parents adapted to this style never bother to check up on their kids when they are away nor they are concerned about their studies.

This might be because of having several problems the parents are battling with. How much ever might the problems be, leaving the child without care impacts their emotional and psychological health greatly.

Such kids tend to perform very poorly in academics and they clearly lack happiness and are more prone to stress and depression issues.

4. Authoritative Parenting:

This type of parenting style is proven to be the best of all. Authoritative parents establish rules for their children to follow. They will make sure the kids face consequences if the rules are broken. However, the consequences tend to be more constructive for the child’s attitude.

While they make rules, they are not aggressive about it. They listen to their children and understand their opinions as well. These type of parents constantly strives to provide a happy, positive environment for their children to grow in. Kids with such parents grow into happy and responsible adults. They also tend to be successful in their career with an optimistic outlook on life.

In conclusion, these are the major four types of parenting styles that there is. One can fit into any of these categories or find themselves following different styles for different scenarios. Whatsoever, it is essential for the parents to understand the importance of the mental health of the children and behave accordingly to enhance and embrace them. Happy Parenting.

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