importance of hobbies in children's learning and development
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Why Are Hobbies Important in Children’s Learning and Development

Why Are Hobbies Important in Children’s Learning and Development

Have you noticed your daughter dancing suddenly to a new song playing on the TV or humming a popular song playing on the radio? Have you ever seen them collecting shells from the beach? These are some of the hobbies or habits that children have that they can pursue in their lives. While these hobbies are as basic as it can get, these are the ones that later on turn into big hobbies.

Regardless of age, most children have one or their other hobbies. Some take an instant liking to badminton and some love athletics. While some like to play a musical instrument, some go as far as disassembling and assembling products. If you have seen your child pursuing anything very closely other than academics, you have a good idea of where their interests lie. While some children may have one hobby, some may have more hobbies eventually settling down to one or two of their choice. While children’s interests may change over time, even the temporary ones may leave a long-lasting impact on their learning and development.

If you want your child to pick up something that can interest them, you must help them find a hobby. Children benefit from hobbies because they help kids in more ways than meets the eye.

From a Hobby To A Money-Making Career

What’s common to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, founders of Harley-Davidson motorcycle company, funder of sportswear company Under Armour Kevin Plank, Microsoft founder Bill Gates? All these people turned their hobby into a multimillion-dollar business. How about Michael Jackson? He turned his passion for music and became the world’s most loved musician. How about Peter Jackson? This famous New Zealand-based director of Lord of the Rings trilogy took his love for the camera into a passion. Take a look at this list, which gives out a list of people that turned their hobbies into a business.

All the people that have followed their interests and converted into a passion have earned well.

It’s not always that a child has to become what he has studied. It’s true that an engineering graduate will always look forward to a career in engineering but can you stop him from becoming a journalist? If your child has been passionate about writing or singing or even business, can you stop him from becoming one? You can’t. Rather you must support their decision to take up something they like.

 As we have mentioned here, hobbies can be a great and perfect start to something much bigger. For example, your child likes animals. He gathers more knowledge about animals from the internet, TV, and books. Over time he will get more interested in biology and maybe make a career in medicine as a doctor, veterinarian, researcher, or even scientist. 

Gain Skills Useful in Professional Life

Hobbies help children learn skills that will be useful at all stages of life- right from kindergarten to professional life and everything in between, in dealing with everyday situations. For example, when children use art to express themselves such as paint, draw, or write, they are extremely creative and this as a positive effect on their lives. They are also able to express themselves very well at a later stage.

Hobby related activities are also great for learning time management skills and confidence— both of which are useful for professional lives. Hobbies help a child build both in a time-bound manner.

Great for Social Skills

Hobbies keep one occupied and are always great for learning social skills. Your child is not alone in whatever he does and the deeper he gets into the hobby, they more social skills he will develop. Many hobbies require one to work in groups or find someone with similar interests. So your child will not just be working alongside with people with similar interests, but also with people from different backgrounds and cultures.  

Hobbies are also a great way to network with family and friends.  Imagine your hobby takes you places and you get to speak or present at global events, imagine the reputation that you get. There’s absolutely nothing that can stop you from achieving greatness.

In Conclusion

If you want your child to have a hobby, then you must start by zeroing down on their strengths and interests. You must gradually introduce them to sports, music, theater, arts, drama, and others to see what special skills or talents he might have. You must also talk to your child about their interests.

Once you have identified your child’s interest, enroll him/her in an activity club or training center where they can further train under professionals.

At Orchids The International School, we have specialist clubs where we hone the hobbies of our students.

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